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Lush - the story of launching a flagship eCommerce Site with Drupal & Drupal Commerce

This year's New York Drupal Camp (NYCAMP 2014) was held at the iconic United Nations Headquarters in the heart of the city, and saw hundreds of Drupal professionals come together to share, learn and discuss development trends, as well as their own stories.


Our very own Richard Jones presented the story of Lush's move to to Drupal with the help of iKOS. 

The story began at this years DrupalCamp London with iKOS's Managing Director, Myles Davidson, meeting Forest Mars, the charismatic co-organiser of Drupal NYC NYC Camp 

On hearing of the imminent launch of a flagship Drupal Commerce site, he kindly extended an invite for iKOS to attend and present at the inaugural Commerce Summit - a highly focused day aimed at helping business decision makers (managers and executives) understand when and how to use Drupal to enhance their business through e-commerce.

The timing of the launch meant iKOS could not make it in person to the event but, ever agile, Richard Jones (technical director) still managed to present the story of developing the project over a live webcast (see the video below).

Bringing Drupal and Content Driven Commerce to a Global Retail Brand

Lush has become one of the UK's best known brands and a growing global presence with over 500 shops in 50 countries around the World. In the last year the company has undergone a digital makeover with a new UK website, built by iKOS and powered by Drupal Commerce, that launched last week.

This has been one of the most ambitious Drupal Commerce projects undertaken so far, with the joint efforts of iKOS Digital, Lush Digital, CommerceGuys, Method Inc and Acquia working collaboratively to deliver.

Amongst other things Richard talked about:

  • Technology selection - how Drupal won over the Lush Digital team 
  • Content Driven Commerce - how the powerful stories behind the Lush brand enhance
  • the e-commerce experience 
  • The Live Style Guide - how it enabled iKOS to deliver a Drupal project with a design led approach 
  • Implementation - how the choice of Drupal Commerce 'paid off' during the project 
  • Lessons Learnt - how our process evolved during the project 

The session audio and slides were kindly captured and are now available on YouTube and Richard will be delighted to carry on the conversations - please comment below.


Article update
This article was originally published under iKOS Digital, which unified with Inviqa in June 2016. For more information about the unification visit