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Session staff appointed to Magento Certification Board

Further to the official launch by Magento of the Official Developer Certification Program, Session is happy to announce its contribution to the creation of the official Developer Certification program.

Two team members (director Richard Jackson and technical team lead Alistair Stead) have been appointed as Magento Developer Board members. To help in the creation of the official Certification Program, the developer board was hand picked by Magento from a small selection of highly experienced specialists and partners – the following summary is taken from the Magento website:

'The Magento Developer Certification was created by Magento using a team of both in-house and external board members gathered from around the globe. The board members were selected from business leaders, partners, community members and professional developers.

Magento and the Advisory Board experience included deep architectural knowledge of Magento as well as real-life, hands-on experience with implementing the platform. Together with Magento, the Advisory Board established the criteria necessary to demonstrate expertise in Magento implementations, and participated in activities leading to the development and validation of exam questions'.

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This announcement is a further demonstration of Session Digital’s commitment to promoting and delivering excellence within the Magento EcoSystem.

Session director Richard Jackson states: 

Session has always been primarily concerned with delivering quality and bringing the highest possible standards to our Magento deployments. To be invited by Magento to help shape and define the official Certification Program is a clear recognition from Magento that we are leading the commitment to quality within the UK market. Our goal now is to continue to promote quality within the Magento Community, and to encourage anyone within the developer community to become certified.

Richard Jackson


Article update
This article was originally published under Session Digital, which unified with Inviqa in June 2016. For more information about the unification visit