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Trendsetter: Rechannel's platform scales for future growth

For fashion brands and designers, managing wholesale orders with retailers can be a convoluted process. Organising product lines (known as linesheets) and stock availability can require endless back and forth between brand and retailer, meaning orders often take weeks to process – a bottleneck for the fast-moving fashion industry.

ReChannel provides a platform that simplifies the complexity of wholesale fashion orders. Through the platform, brands can make their products available to retailers much more easily by creating cloud-based linesheets. These can then be shared directly with the retailer or buyer who can then review and order product lines, without the need for endless spreadsheets and email exchanges.


Keeping ahead of the game

After its launch in 2012, ReChannel experienced rapid growth and quickly established relationships with some of the UK’s most prestigious designer brands and retailers. As its clientele grew, ReChannel knew it needed to invest in its platform to help it scale with the business.

With an in-house development team already working in PHP, ReChannel selected Symfony as its framework of choice to boost the scalability of the platform. ReChannel appointed Inviqa and its team of Symfony specialists to help improve the ReChannel platform.


Value-driven development

After a thorough Discovery with Inviqa’s technical consultants, a detailed plan was drawn up, whereby the Symfony platform would provide in-built flexibility and would allow ReChannel to scale with the growth of its customers and their ERP systems.

The complexity of the project required a balanced team. Alongside ReChannel’s own development force, Inviqa created a blended team including a developer and team lead for frontend direction, a backend Symfony specialist and a TTL. The team also included Inviqa’s Behaviour-Driven Development (BDD) practice manager, Konstantin Kudryashov.

Konstantin introduced ReChannel to BDD to ensure communication was not lost between ReChannel’s stakeholders and its technical team. The introduction of BDD to the development process ensured all technical output contributed directly to ReChannel’s goal: to scale its platform for future growth and provide increased ERP integration for its customers.

A strict focus on performance allowed the Inviqa team to concentrate on optimising the platform’s technical architecture. By building flexibility and maintainability from the start, the team ensured the new platform could accommodate ReChannel’s new customers and their ERP systems.


The results

The final project was delivered on time and under budget. As a second development phrase gets underway, Inviqa has equipped the ReChannel development team with a more scalable and flexible platform, that will allow the company to:

  • Connect increasing number of fashion brands to retailers
  • Accommodate larger number of linesheets and product ranges
  • Help customers connect greater variety of ERP systems with ReChannel platform


The introduction of Agile and BDD methodologies ensures ReChannel’s technical team are now able to develop iteratively and help the business respond to the changing demands of their market. All future development can be traced directly back to its business value.


The Inviqa team was immediately enthused with the project. As well as investing in the project, they helped us invest in our team, introducing Agile and BDD best practices which have proved very valuable. I can see why Inviqa developers are held in such high esteem! 

Luke Thomson, CEO and co-founder of ReChannel