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Inviqa reassures iCabbi's customers of a confident future

To ensure key industry players that their system satisfies exacting operational demands, iCabbi sought an independent application review, selecting Inviqa as their partner.  

The iCabbi story

iCabbi was founded in 2009 after Gavan Walsh found himself lost in a remote area of Portugal, searching without success for a taxi. He partnered with Niall O'Callaghan to produce a consumer app which allowed users to order taxis based on their location, without them needing to know their address. When the opportunity arose to adapt the technology for B2B and supply taxi companies with the dispatch software, the business burgeoned.

The iCabbi system is a time sensitive and mission critical service for taxi companies who can’t afford any downtime. At the heart of the system, the dispatching engine is required to process a high volume of real-time transactions.  

Impressed with the wealth of respected brands on our client list, iCabbi got in touch with us to request an independent review of the database architecture, challenging us to enhance the system’s performance. Working closely with CTO Niall O’Callaghan, we initiated a full system audit.  

We were very excited to take on iCabbi’s challenge, as it put to use perfectly our skills and experience. As the leading provider of cloud-based taxi dispatch systems in the world, they’re at the forefront of open source technology - a product we greatly admire.

Pal Wander, Co-Founder, Inviqa


What was the result of Inviqa's review?

The audit process itself was professionally run and we were able to implement some quick wins. The action we’ve taken since the audit has further improved efficiencies and reduced costs, which will help to ensure we remain the most advanced cloud-based dispatch provider in this competitive and technically challenging market. In getting an independent review we’ve proved that iCabbi is using the best techniques and approaches available. This reassures our clients working in a mission critical space, that the iCabbi system will take them into the future with confidence.

Niall O'Callaghan, CTO, iCabbi



Inviqa's skillset, approach to development and ability to deliver are huge assets to us going forward. We’re very excited about partnering with them as we continue to expand worldwide

Gavan Walsh, CEO, iCabbi



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