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Inviqa launches ContinuousPipe for faster development workflows

Web and software development company Inviqa today launched ContinuousPipe, a cloud-based tool using technologies including Docker and Kubernetes to accelerate web and software development workflows and support continuous delivery.

ContinuousPipe significantly cuts lead times and speeds up the development feedback loop by automating the deployment, scaling, and management of web applications. It enables web developers, IT managers, CTOs, and DevOps managers to collaborate more efficiently with stakeholders while limiting the waste and frustration caused by slow and unreliable developer environments.

Inviqa CEO and founder Yair Spitzer said: ‘Inviqa developed ContinuousPipe in response to growing demand for tools that improve the efficiency of continuous delivery. We use ContinuousPipe with many of our clients across a range of sectors, and the commercial launch of ContinuousPipe will help even more organisations to improve the quality and value delivery of their software’. 

Inviqa’s Samuel Rozé, the creator of ContinuousPipe, said: ‘Making simple updates to a web application should be simple, but long lead times and slow feedback loops cost site owners time and money. ContinuousPipe aims to solve this challenge and ensure faster deployments’.

ContinuousPipe aims to improve key components of the software development lifecycle including:

  • Feedback and collaboration: Waiting for quality assurance (QA) and other stakeholders to give feedback to developers can greatly slow the development process. By providing an isolated environment for QA teams, ContinuousPipe ensures it is no longer necessary to wait for changes to be merged into a staging environment.
  • Feature deployment: ContinuousPipe can run automated tests and automatically or manually deploy into any environment.
  • Project onboarding: The time required to set up a new project, build virtual machines for developers, and configure pipeline servers can significantly slow the development process. ContinuousPipe reduces this process to a matter of minutes.
  • Developer onboarding: Developers can be productive in 15 minutes, and monthly downtime is reduced from hours to minutes. 
  • Page performance: ContinuousPipe runs code in containers on an organisation’s production-grade cluster for production-like performance.


Visit the ContinuousPipe website to learn more or to contact the ContinuousPipe team.