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Transforming a mobile-unfriendly site with responsive design

SAM Learning is the company behind Penda Learning - a web-based science and math training resource for teachers in the US.   

The challenge  

SAM Learning was receiving feedback from teachers that the Penda Learning website didn’t work when they were trying to access it from a tablet. Teachers found the initial interaction unusable because the homepage was not optimized for mobile devices, and this was affecting sales.  

Our main bottleneck was the homepage as viewed on a mobile device



said Rich Taylor, Head of Product Development for Penda Learning.

If we were able to fix that then our chances of converting web visitors to clients would increase.


Responsive design to the rescue

We wanted the homepage to look the same on different versions of iPhones, iPads and Android smartphones



Rich said, as he listed his requirements.

And we needed it done quickly because we were receiving negative feedback from teachers using mobile devices.



Since SAM Learning didn’t have the required resources and capacity in-house to take-on the project without it impacting other areas, they decided to outsource the work.

This was a standalone project which gave us the chance to trial outsourcing, but choosing a partner that had the right balance of technical expertise and creative experience was vital,” Rich commented when asked about the selection process. ”We evaluated a number of partners and chose Inviqa because they were the only company who had the necessary skills and experience to meet our requirements.



Based on the user personas of Penda Learning, available budget and time constraint, Inviqa decided to implement the redesign using a responsive methodology.

Responsive web design is a design philosophy where users have an optimal viewing experience regardless of screen size, connection speed or browser capabilities. A web page that has been responsively designed will display the crucial information a viewer needs whether they are viewing it on a wide screen monitor, 9” tablet or on a 3” smartphone.

Fast redesign that delivers results

Racing against time, Inviqa's team started work on the redesign. A number of changes were implemented including:  

  • Designing the layout of the homepage for a number of screen sizes.
  • Simplifying the navigation, footer and sign-up form.
  • Making the demo video compatible with iOS devices.
  • Initiating a phone call when the support number is tapped, if the viewer is using a phone.
  • Changing the width/height of buttons and links to industry standards.

Since the project involved redesigning only the homepage to make it mobile friendly, the whole project was completed in just one month.


What was the result of the redesign?

After we went responsive, I have not received a single complaint that the website doesn’t work



Rich commented.

Even though this was a short project, we were very impressed by the professionalism and the capability displayed by the team at Inviqa.



Inviqa designs, builds and supports responsive websites that deliver a great user experience regardless of the user’s device or network connection. To discover more about just how we do, contact us.