Magento solution specialist certification: my experience

As a member of Magento’s Advisory Board, Session Digital was in October 2013 invited to participate in shaping a new Magento certification aimed at Business Analysts, Project Managers and QA Analysts. The feedback Magento received from us, as well as the other members of the Advisory Board, helped create the Magento Solution Specialist Certification which was launched at this year’s Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas. I’m a Project Manager and have worked with Magento for nearly three years, and have recently passed the Magento Solution Specialist Certification. For those interested in taking the certification, I hope you find the following useful...

Optimising Magento for performance

Following our earlier entry about installing Magento Enterprise, we thought it would be appropriate to follow up with some tips for getting more from your Magento installation. One of the major criticisms leveled at Magento is its speed; many complain that it is far too slow. In this article we'll go through some steps you can perform to fine-tune your server to allow Magento to run more smoothly and more quickly in a production environment. Our examples are geared at a Debian-based LAMP stack, but most can be adapted for other platforms.

Adding Static Blocks in Magento

Static blocks are blocks of content which are created and modified through the Magento Admin. Their main purpose is to act as a dynamic piece of content which can be placed on one or multiple pages, highly customisable and allows clients to modify the content through the admin area. They’re ideal for sections of you site where you need to display a piece of content which is likely to change throughout the course of the site’s lifetime and the piece of content doesn’t require its own page like About Us or Terms and Conditions pages...