Magento 2 perspectives: an interview with Allan MacGregor

Allan MacGregor, Director of Engineering at Demac Media, is one of the most recognisable figures in the Magento community. The author of Test Driven Magento Extension Development and Magento PHP Developer’s Guide, he’s also been one of the community members pivotal in the development of Magento 2. As Magento gears up for the official launch of Magento 2, we asked Allan for his thoughts on its improvements from Magento 1.x, why he thinks the arrival of Magento 2 will help break the Magento community out of its “bubble”, and his advice for developers taking the plunge with the new version.

Magicento – a Magento developer’s magic toolbox for PhpStorm

When working with a complex system like Magento, the need for proper development tools is vital for speed and precision. One of those tools is PhpStorm, the “most intelligent PHP IDE” as it states on their website. Features like code quality analysis, integrated version control, and built in testing and debugging tools make development not only easier, but more enjoyable. So what is Magicento?...