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Building an oar-inspiring app for BNY Mellon

In 2013 AML, BNY Mellon’s UK advertising agency, approached us with a technical challenge.

To mark BNY Mellon sponsoring the Oxford and Cambridge Boat Race, they wanted to create an app that simulated the thrill of the contest.

Challenging interfaces  

In collaboration with AML, we created the 'Pulling Together' app, available on Apple and Android devices. The initial incarnation of the app was to mark the University Boat Race, and was offered to Inviqa when it proved too complex a project for a previous agency. The interface required that upon flipping your phone width ways, it would intuitively mirror the movements of an oar.   


Over 25,000 downloads and counting, the app captured the minds of race fans on the day as well as those just wishing to experience the thrill of the race in their own time.  

Rowing to America 

Following the success of the UK app, to promote the Head Of The Charles Regatta race in Boston and engage with boat race fans in the USA, BNY Mellon and AML asked Inviqa to create an American version.  

Optimising the app for American devices involved:  

  • Reskinning the original app, incorporating new artwork and images.
  • Building a series of tools to manage rapid iterations, allowing AML to respond with changes that could be implemented efficiently.
  • Engineering the code base and implementing flexible tools and processes for managing future content changes.

See our app in action and take part in rowing’s toughest challenge on Apple and Android. Interested in Inviqa’s inspiring mobile solutions? Get in touch.