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The ultimate usability checklist for eCommerce sites

To say eCommerce sites can be very complicated is a minor understatement. The cost of providing a poor online experience doesn’t just leave peeved customers, it directly affects your ability to make a sale.

However hard you try, there will always be a chance that some functionality hasn’t been checked. Ahead of a new site launch, pressure and tension are often high and it’s only human to make mistakes. This guide, written by Inviqa’s dedicated Quality Assurance team, aims to give a structured overview of an end to end Smoke Test before the site goes live. Product owners and marketers, this one is for you.

Please note, at no point should this be considered a regression pack.

Main Pages

Get these wrong, and your users won’t even make it as far as your product pages. Be slick, be informative, be clear, and ensure your main pages meet the below criteria:

Home Page

  • Page renders correctly as per spec/design/wireframe
  • Header Section – Logo, search box, login/sign-up, shopping trolley/basket
  • Main Navigation (Left menu or horizontal menu) including range titles
  • Showcase/Carousel – Check speed of updates and items displayed
  • Other widgets (If any)
  • Featured product boxes
  • Offer boxes
  • Footer – Information, About, Links, etc.
  • Registration Page (If any)
  • Strapline – Free delivery, reduced, sale, etc.
  • Product Image
  • Product Description
  • Price – Including saving, offer, etc.
  • Link to relevant product/section
  • Editable – Title, image, body text or single image upload
  • Configurable – Position, duration, rotation, etc.

Product pages

Once your users are on the product pages, don’t lose them with poor search functionality and insufficient product details. Follow the below to ensure visitors don’t stray off their purchase path:

Product category pages

  • Any filters such as product filters, colours, sizes, types of product, etc.
  • Reset all filters to revert page to original content
  • Category specific carousel or showcase
  • Any ability to sort products by name, price, size, etc.
  • Add to shortlist or wish list facility
  • Compare products as selected
  • Breadcrumb trail (Navigation)
  • Add to basket

Product Detail Pages

  • Product title
  • Product description – summary and full details
  • Product Specification – for computer, technology items
  • Product images
  • Enlarge image (if supported)
  • 360 degree view of products (if supported)
  • Related products
  • Any further product information, colours, sizes, options, extras. (if supported)
  • Price – including VAT, delivery, savings, etc.
  • Warranty options
  • Finance options
  • Delivery estimations
  • Collection options
  • Stock Checked/Stock Level
  • Social Links – Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Add to shopping basket
  • Keyword Search
  • Item Number Search
  • Results Page & Pagination


Don’t fall at the final hurdle. Checkout pages tend to have the highest bounce rates so reduce your risk of basket abandonment by ensuring your users can achieve the below with ease:

Shopping basket

  • Add products to basket
  • Remove product from basket
  • Change quantities
  • Select delivery option
  • Check VAT and delivery costs add up correctly
  • View basket from any page (usually via header)
  • Display Item Total
  • Related Products – Peripherals, Software, Aftercare
  • Credit/Finance Options (If Applicable)
  • Promotional Code
  • Save Basket

Pay now & order confirmation

  • Move into checkout process & complete transactions
  • Verify the payment completion process
  • Verify the order Confirmation page

General pages

Ecommerce sites need to be information as well as transactional, and it’s just as important that your site offers the following:

Content pages

  • About Page – Company information, products, services, environment, careers
  • Shipping Information – Delivery prices, timescales, tracking options
  • Returns Policy – Policy, guide, returns FAQ
  • Terms Page – Information page with links to internal and external content
  • Privacy Policy – Information page with links to internal and external content
  • Contact Us – All contact options including email, telephone, mail address
  • Store Locator – For businesses which operate physical stores
  • General FAQ – Frequently asked questions


  • Form Pages
  • Newsletter Subscriptions
  • Data getting posted in admin

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