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Magento solution specialist certification: my experience

As a member of Magento’s Advisory Board, Session Digital was in October 2013 invited to participate in shaping a new Magento certification aimed at Business Analysts, Project Managers and QA Analysts. The feedback Magento received from us, as well as the other members of the Advisory Board, helped create the Magento Solution Specialist Certification which was launched at this year’s Magento Imagine conference in Las Vegas.

I’m a Project Manager and have worked with Magento for nearly three years, and have recently passed the Magento Solution Specialist Certification. For those interested in taking the certification, I hope you find the following useful.

Internally at Session, there is a huge appetite to achieve this new certification and since late summer we’ve been running study groups to go through the official study guide and discuss the various features and functionalities of Magento.

During project work you will often touch different areas of Magento and not all of its features are likely to be used at their full capacity for all projects. If you’re in a company with Business Analysts, Project Managers, QA/Testers, Consultants, etc that are using Magento on a daily basis I strongly advise setting up a study group in order to prepare for the exam.

I felt the exam itself was at a reasonable level in terms of difficulty. If you’re a Magento and eCommerce novice, you’ll probably find that you need to quite a bit of research to ensure you have a solid footing. However, if you use Magento every day and have a good understanding of eCommerce concepts, you will find the exam is pitched at your level.

In particular, I would recommend ensuring you have a good understanding of the below:

  • Magento Secure Payment Bridge and how it helps to avoid pitfalls of PCI compliance
  • Price rules
  • Native checkout
  • PayPal integration and its features (inc billing functionality)
  • Layered navigation and how it works
  • Magento EE specific features and how they work, and when you’d need to extend functionality
  • Magento admin

To prepare for the exam I suggest you, and your study group if applicable, spend some time going through the Study Guide and the Magento feature list to make sure you have a good understanding of its features, as well as the differences between Magento Enterprise and Community. In the study guide you’ll find a set of revision questions after each section which is extremely helpful for you when you’re preparing for the exam.

At the time of writing we have two Magento Certified Solutions Specialists here at Session Digital, and we expect many more of our staff to join us in the next couple of months.

Best of luck!

About the author:

Paal Soberg is an experienced Project Manager and eCommerce Professional with over 6 years experience in the digital industry. He has diverse sector experience within retail, technology, financial and automotive industries, specialising in digital web and eCommerce projects. He’s a certified Prince2 Practitioner, Certified ScrumMaster and Magento Certified Solution Specialist.


Article update
This article was originally published under Session Digital, which unified with Inviqa in June 2016. For more information about the unification visit